´Integration course

The integration course is a measure to acquire German language skills for foreigners in Germany.

An integration course consists of two parts: a language course and an orientation course. Apart from the general integration course, there are special rate models that are aimed at different target groups. The course taught in 600 hours of German proficiency by the level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference. The course concludes with the exam German test for immigrants. In 60 additional hours provides students with knowledge about Germany mediated (history, society, culture, etc.) to make it easier for them to deal with citizens and public authorities. This final seventh module is called orientation course, and has 60 lessons (§ 12 Integration Course Ordinance)

A general integration course consists of 660 lessons, 600 hours of language instruction and 60 hours orienteering course.

The language course is divided into 6 modules and is finished with a FREE audit. The offer is for competence levels A1 - B1 divided. The target level is B1.
The orientation course provides knowledge of the legal system, culture and recent history of Germany and concludes with a test.

Special integration courses, for example, women, youth, parents, and for immigrants with literacy needs are offered with 960 teaching hours (900 language teaching and 60 hours orienteering course).